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Impacts on Students

What a few of my students have to say

Cares about us not just our grades

Mrs Schecter remembers what we say. She always remembers if we have a game at night and asks us about it the next day. It is her job to teach us, but she also cares about other stuff.


Game Strategy Plan

Very patient and encouraging

Mrs Schecter is always positive. I stress out about everything all the time. Mrs Schecter always tells me what I am doing well and where I can do better. She also likes to tell me it will all be ok and it is important to have fun.
- MJ

Image by Kyle Glenn
Impact on Students: My Work

Impact on Students

What a few of my students have to say

Is honest

My favorite about Mrs Schecter is she doesn't pretend to know everything. If I ask a question and she does not know the answer she will tell me she will look it up. She always gets back to me with the answer.

Friendly Handshake

Grades Fast

I like that Mrs Schecter gets our grades back to us quickly. She expects us to turn homework in on time but she grades things very fast. She also always puts nice notes when we do something well.

Good Grades
Impact on Students: My Work
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