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Teaching Resources

because when teachers work together all of our students benefit

Google For Education

Google for education is a great resource for adding creativity, technology, ideas for engaging family and much more.

Image by Arthur Osipyan

Teachers Pay Teachers

Personally, I enjoy creating new lesson plans, however getting input from other teachers is always helpful! Teachers Pay Teachers offers everything from individual resources to help begin in creating a new lesson all the way to entire lessons!


Teacher Vision

This year, specifically, new uses of technology have become so important to helping our students learn from home, in person, and in hybrid form. I have used this site to learn about new technologies and how to use them! The site updates often (sometimes weekly) with new technologies hitting the market. The best part is many are free.

Woman sight testing

Georgia Department of Education

I have to give credit to my mentor teacher for this site suggestion. I used the video library often during class planning this semester. The videos are not only well done, but also already vetted for appropiateness.

State sign for Georgia welcomes visitors


Edutopia is provided by the George Lucas Foundation. The site provides links on topics from inquiry based learning to research activities, to (my favorite) links to free libraries all over the world.

Teaching Resources: My Work
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