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Bloom Ball Project

The Foundations and Classics

Students had to choose an ancient civilization they had learned about in class. The student had to create a dodecahedron demonstrating their advanced knowledge about successes, failures and other key details specific to their chosen civilization.

Painting of the Pyramids
Bloom Ball Project: My Work

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Bloom Ball Project: Text

Egypt Bloomball

Audrey N

Audrey choose to do her project on the river valley civilization- Egypt. She inquired about using the computer to type and complete the project rather than doing so by hand. Her extensive research led her to need more space than was available on the provided template. She redesigned the template to create a dodecahedron large enough to present all the information she wanted to provide.

Bloom Ball Project: Image

The Aztecs Bloomball

Kennedy B

Kennedy thrives when we include art in an assignment. She is an incredibly talented artist. Through her artistry and her attention to detail Kennedy delivered an accurate, detailed, and visually appealing project.

Bloom Ball Project: Welcome
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